Folly, the incredibly unique 2000s-era NJ band that mixed ska with metallic post-hardcore, have been in the midst of a comeback, and now they've just released their first new song in 14 years! It's called "Walter White Whale" (they've actually been playing it live since about 2014), and it comes on a split with a newer NJ band who take definite inspiration from Folly, The Best of the Worst. It's the third installment in Bad Time Records' Wavebreaker series, a series of splits that pair bands from previous waves of ska with the current generation (pre-order). "Walter White Whale" is classic Folly, starting out as something that could've fit on the Trustkill or Ferret Records catalogs before turning into dubby ska bliss, and then returning to scorching post-hardcore.

The Best of the Worst contribute "Gatekeeper" to the split, and it pairs perfectly with the Folly song. It's clear from this song alone that Folly are a big influence on TBOTW, but it's also clear that TBOTW have really carved out a space of their own over the years (and, unlike Folly, they've got a killer horn section that this song really takes advantage of). Both tracks are very, very good, and you can hear both below.

For a little more background on the connection between Folly and TBOTW, here's what Bad Time Records founder (and Kill Lincoln vocalist/guitarist) Mike Sosinski writes:

The Best of the Worst are not shy about who their biggest influences are. For years they gave away a big red bumper sticker that just said “FOLLY > THE BEST OF THE WORST”. The first time I was given “Perspectives” I almost jumped out of my chair. “FINALLY” I thought, “SOMEONE IS TRYING TO MAKE SKACORE LIKE FOLLY…. AND DOING A GOOD JOB!!!” While their sound is truly an amalgamation of the entire NJ music scene around the mid 2000s (ska, punk, emo), it was impossible to ignore the Folly influence while hearing another band successfully blend ska and metalcore. I was in heaven. I’ve mentioned before that The Best of The Worst is one of my favorite bands of all time, and one of the reasons why is because they filled a void and picked up the mantle for one of my OTHER favorite bands of all time… Folly. I’m beyond stoked to say that the void is gone. For the first time in 14 years, there is new Folly music. And it seems only appropriate to me that it comes paired with new music by The Best of the Worst.

Listen to both new songs below.

Folly and The Best of the Worst also have upcoming shows together in the tristate area with a bunch of other amazing bands (many of whom are on Bad Time Records), including Long Island's Amityville Music Hall on October 8 with Keep Flying, Bore, and Godseyes; NJ's Crossroads on October 15 with Mercy Union, Cutdown, and The UpFux; and Connecticut's Space Ballroom on October 22 with Kill Lincoln, Catbite, and Abraskadabra. Folly (and most bands on Bad Time Records) also play The Fest.

We've also got multiple Bad Time Records exclusive variants in the ska section of our online vinyl shop.

Folly also just appeared on a new episode of the In Defense of Ska podcast.


The previous Wavebreaker split was with Mike Park and Catbite, and we spoke to them about that on our podcast:



The first Wavebreaker split was last year with Kill Lincoln and Less Than Jake, and you can read our interview with Kill Lincoln/Bad Time's Mike Sosinski and JR from LTJ for more background on this series.

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