A recording of Led Zeppelin's September 4, 1970 concert at the LA Forum was immortalized on the bootleg Live on Blueberry Hill LP, which is widely considered one of the first rock bootlegs, and now -- 52 years later -- footage of that show has surfaced. Classic Rock gives some background on the footage:

The original footage was shot by Led Zeppelin fan Eddie Vincent, who borrowed his parent's home movie camera – a windup 8mm Kodak Brownie capable of recording in 30-second bursts, plus two reels of film – and took it to the show, smuggling it all into the venue under the armpits of a baggy jacket.

"I had really great seats," Vincent tells Classic Rock. "They were right behind the band. I had seats in the front row, right behind John Bonham's kit. The only problem was that you couldn't really see John because the gong was there, but he came around and chatted to us while they were doing the acoustic set."

Vincent didn't do anything with the film, and so it gathered dust for the best part of half a century, until he came across some live footage on the internet of The Who shot at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim in 1970, and noticed its similarity to some Who footage of his own.

He reach out to video bootleg trader John Waters, and asked if he could help transfer his own footage into digital files. Waters was blown away by the quality of Vincent's film and asked if he had any more, and that's when Vincent revealed he had the Led Zeppelin tape.

Check it out:

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