For Your Health's anticipated debut full-length, In Spite Of, arrives 2/12 via Twelve Gauge (pre-order), and today they've released its second single, "Save Your Breath, You're Gonna Need It To Blow My Head Off."

For Your Health often get categorized as screamo but this new song makes it clear that they go into other territory too, with sneered clean vocals, a chugging post-hardcore breakdown, and a few other things too. There's a lot packed in there for a minute-long song, and FYH pull it off with grace. As vocalist Hayden Rodriguez said to Knotfest, "We just do whatever we want and labels have never influenced any of our endeavors or creative decisions... we are just making the music that comes most naturally to us."

Like the Jon Nix-directed video for lead single "Birthday Candles in the Effigy" and the band's recent hate5six-produced live session, the Stone Fenk-directed video for the new song mostly features the band playing together in a room and really gives you an idea of how much of a force FYH will be when concerts return. Check it out below.