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Forest of Tygers
Forest of Tygers

Forest of Tygers, the Nashville husband n' wife duo that deliver oodles of 'oh my' riffs, will be touring the South and East Coast shortly in support of Bruises, their new EP that's a genre Voltron of many metals. We recently streamed the entire thing on Invisible Oranges, with then-editor Doug Moore singing, "This suggests that they have not only chops, songwriting skills, and the wherewithal to manage a decent production unassisted, but also patience and the ability to self-edit. Count me in for whatever they do next." Well, Doug, consider yourself counted when the band heads out on tour next week. When we first posted the dates, venues hadn't been announced but they now have. The NYC dates happens at The Acheron on June 1 where they'll be joined by the raw Throaat and nasty Syphilitic Lust. That show is a free matinee. The 3 PM start time means the sun will still be shining, but it'll be Tartarus-dark inside.

Started in 2011, Jim and Rachel Valosik's Forest of Tygers construct pocket-sized super novas of sludge, noise rock, doom, black metal, and the snap of a psychotic break. Think Unsane if they were only fed a trough of Deathlike Silence's nine releases. Speaking of, Throaat, who are also playing the IO presented Serpentine Path show at The Acheron on June 21, go full-kvlt, blasting like it's 1993. And Syphilitic Lust are driven by reptilian impulses, tuned to DGAF and set to 'sleaze.' Should be the ugliest kind of fun to have on a Sunday.

All of Forest of Tygers' tour dates (which don't include Pan Tang, sadly) are listed, along with streams of FoT, Throaat and Syphilitic Lust, below.


Forest of Tygers 2014 Tour
5/29 Asheville, NC - TBD
5/30 TBA
5/31 Frederick, MD - Guido's Speakeasy
6/1 Brooklyn, NY - The Acheron
6/2 Burlington, VT - Nectars
6/3 Boston, MA - O'Briens
6/4 Philadelphia, PA - The Millcreek Tavern (upstairs)
6/5 TBA
6/6 Virgina Beach, VA - Hook Up
6/7 Charlotte, NC - The Milestone
6/8 TBA

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