Paul Matters, who briefly played bass in AC/DC in the 1970s, has reportedly died. Via Ultimate Classic Rock:

Former AC/DC bassist Paul Matters died at home in Australia, author Jesse Fink reported.

Described by the band as a “pretty boy,” he was fired by Bon Scott in 1975 after only being in the group for a matter of weeks, and soon gave up music altogether. He’d lived a reclusive life since then, only speaking about his time in the band once in 40 years.

In Fink’s 2017 book Bon: The Last Highway, Matters said: “I was only with them a short time. I did the High Voltage tour around Australia.” He recalled how Scott dismissed him, saying: “He got out the back of a truck… and he told me I wasn’t going back to Melbourne with them. We were up in Sydney doing a concert for schoolkids. So I didn’t play that day. I just turned around and didn’t say a word to him. I turned around and walked out.”

Rod Wescombe, who knew Paul and played in a band with him, also paid tribute:

Shocked and sad to hear of the passing of Paul Matters.
I first met Paul in 1973 when he was playing bass in "Armageddon...

Posted by Rod Wescombe on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Rest in peace, Paul.