Carlos Dengler, aka original Interpol bassist Carlos D, is releasing his first album since leaving the group in 2010. It's actually a New-Age album titled Aqueduct and will be out April 15. He played every instrument on the record except for flute, which was performed by Keith Bonner, and vocals by Laura Kay. Here's the description on his Bandcamp:

Aqueduct is an exploration of wild areas and natural textures: damp soil, sweet pine sap, subalpine wind. The album investigates the notion of watercourses, how various bodies of water in nature perform tasks of forestal rejuvenation and valley irrigation and how those forces may also be put to use in civilization. For example, the ancient aqueducts that the Romans were famous for illustrate how a relatively basic technology could harness incredibly powerful hydraulic capabilities, straight from nature. Aqueduct tries to tell the story of our relationship with and our dependence upon water.

The first-released song is the tranquil, nine-minute "New Cambria," and you can watch its video below.

Dengler also notes "In addition to Downloads, Compact Disc, and Cassette, NFTs will be designed and minted, one for each track" and that "A portion of the proceeds will go towards an as yet to be determined eco-charity." He also notes "The Ethereum blockchain is currently transitioning to a green network; in the meantime a carbon offset for environmental impact will be factored in for the sale of every NFT."


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