Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg joined vocalist Kam Lee's new lineup of Massacre in 2019, before quickly quitting the band one year later, saying "I have been Kam Lee'd" and "to everyone who warned us a year ago when we joined the band: you were right." Now they have their own new band, Inhuman Condition, named after Massacre's 1992 EP, and the lineup is completed by none other than that EP's bassist Terry Butler, who was also on Massacre's 1991 debut LP From Beyond and 2014 comeback LP Back from Beyond, Death's classic 1990 LP Spiritual Healing, played in Six Feet Under for years, and has been in Obituary for the past decade.

Taylor says:

Jeramie and I can't wait to finally release these songs! He and I wrote the album back in September of 2019, and after we left Massacre last fall we wanted to keep the songs alive but under a different flag. Enter: Terry Butler on bass. Enter: Jeramie Kling's vocals. Inhuman Condition was born! We are finishing up the vocals now, but we made a quick teaser/demo for you to hear a sneak peak.

Terry adds:

I am very excited and honored to be a part of Inhuman Condition! Taylor and Jeramie wrote some blistering heavy-as-hell songs full of hooks. It's a perfect mix of brutal death/thrash metal. Can't wait for people to hear this!

They've released a 23-second teaser for now, and it isn't much, but it does sound pretty tight already. Check it out below.

Meanwhile, Obituary have an anticipated new album on the way to.


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