Back in 2018, Kid Dynamite/None More Black frontman Jason Shevchuk and the great punk/indie producer Will Yip released a collaborative album as Former Member, and now they've just followed that with a sophomore LP, Manageable Scratches, out today digitally on Yip's Memory Music label, with vinyl scheduled for March 14, 2022 (pre-order). Here's what Jason had to say about this album:

Like a lot of this record, which is about being of a certain age and trying to reconcile with the fact that you’ve got to face a whole new set of responsibilities, all while trying to hold onto the things that make you feel whole.

I’ve found in the years when I’m not creating something I’m very irritable and down.

I lived alone for so many years, beholden to nobody. It’s very easy to become self-centered. Years fly by and I find myself with a wonderful family, raising two young energetic boys. I struggle as pieces of my life will never be the same, which is the natural part of being a parent. I think it’s something most people go through.

The pessimistic side of me feels severed. I can no longer go figure out a guitar riff or vocal part that’s in my head at the drop of a dime. Recording the vocals for this record took months because I had to wait for the house to be empty so I could shout without terrifying my 1 year old son, which, during a pandemic, was a real challenge for me mentally.

The things that I love and inspire me have been back-burnered, which is something that gets easier with time. It has also become an excuse to not be creative or productive.

Like their debut, Manageable Scratches is more in the slower post-hardcore realm than Kid Dynamite and None More Black's punchy melodic hardcore, and Jason's distinct rasp is perfect for this kind of thing too. He and Will clearly have a ton of chemistry, and they gel together like longtime bandmates. Along with the album's release, we're premiering the video for "2nd Take," which is fueled by a thunderous, Jawbox-y rhythm section and topped off with a hook as catchy as anything Jason's written. Check it out and stream the full album below.


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