Fates Got A Driver

Last year, Taking Back Sunday parted ways with Eddie Reyes, who founded the band in 1999 (and was in Mind Over Matter, The Movielife, and other Long Island bands before that), and then Eddie started the new band Fates Got A Driver. Earlier this year, Where You Want To Be/Louder Now-era guitarist/secondary vocalist (and former Breaking Pangaea frontman) Fred Mascherino re-activated his project The Color Fred with their first new song in a decade and some shows. Now, The Color Fred and Fates Got A Driver are set to play some shows together, and Fred and Eddie will be doing their own version of 'Emo Night' with DJ sets and karaoke at the shows.

"The Color Fred played an Emo Night that our friend Jon runs in Pennsylvania and we had a blast," Fred says. "He was spinning all of the bands that Eddie and I use to play with, so we thought it would be fun to do it in other places and have Eddie’s band help make it even more fun.'

The shows happen at Easton, PA's One Center Square on January 23, Asbury Park, NJ's Wonder Bar on January 24, and Amityville, NY's Amityville Music Hall on January 25.

Listen to the new Color Fred single, a single off Fates Got A Driver's debut EP, and a video of Fred-era Taking Back Sunday, below.