Early core Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann and '80s-era member Paul Haslinger began working on a project together called Blue Room some 30 years ago. Their sessions never made it out of the studio, but a friendship and creative bond was formed. The pair are now working together again under the name Neuland. "Edgar [Froese] recruited each of us at different times for Tangerine Dream," explains Haslinger, "so we both joined an existing structure. Neuland was formed from the ground up -- just two crazy people deciding to make music together." Baumann adds, "Blue Room tried to expand to the outside; Neuland tries to travel inwards, exploring inner space."

Neuland's self-titled debut album will be out October 25 (pre-order) and we've got the premiere of the eerie, beautiful "Moons Ago" that pulls you deeper with dark atmosphere, ticking percussion and waves of synths. Deep blue is prominent in all their visuals, and you can feel that too, along with Baumann and Haslinger's past and present. Watch the "Moons Ago" video below.

Neuland tracklist:
Cascade 39
Road To Danakil
A World Apart
Counting On Time
Dream 9
Liquid Sky
The Lost Cord
M-Tron Fields
Measure 3
Voices From The Past
The Long Now
Moons Ago
54 Novo
Longing In Motion