The Freedom From Religion Foundation organization, whose goal is to "[protect] the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state," have a podcast/radio show called 'Freethought Radio & Podcast'. Until very recently that podcast was simulcast on Madison, Wisconsin progressive talk radio station 92.1 WXXM "The Mic", a liberal talk radio station since 2004 that just rebranded to "BestFM" along with a format change to all Christmas music (alternative rock or 80s Hits are rumored to take over after the holiday season). This of course happened one day after the election.

Meanwhile, Todd Starnes at Fox News got wind of the news and in turn wrote an article rubbing it in, titled "Radio station dumps atheists for Christmas music". FFRF "just got a lump of coal in their Christmas stockings", he writes, and this "[leaves] the uber-liberal city without a place to converse about micro-aggressions, plot protest marches or swap quinoa recipes". After also pointing out that the show had low ratings compared to its more conservative competition, he says:

Christian Examiner reports the station's programming was being trounced in the ratings by conservative talk radio giants like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity (a great American and my colleague at Fox News).

Let’s be honest – would you rather listen to Rush [Limbaugh] and Sean [Hannity] or a gaggle of man-hating feminists in Birkenstocks warbling about the virtues of organic gardening.

Progressive talk radio does not make for good talk radio and that’s why WXXM opted to play Jingle Bells instead of blathering atheists.

Well, there you have it (in the words of Fox News), folks.

The liberal station's morning host Mitch Henck will continue to broadcast his show from his website. Happy Birthday, Mitch!