Foxing are on tour now, and before that we caught them in NYC, where they played some new songs. We're hoping that means a followup to 2015's excellent Dealer is on the way. Meanwhile, Foxing singer Conor Murphy also has solo music out as Smidley. His only song so far is "No One Likes You," which is closer to the upbeat, multi-layered poppy indie of the mid-2000s than Foxing's lush post-rock. Conor's as much a master with this sound as he is with Foxing's, as you can hear for yourself below. Conor posted on Facebook that recording for a full-length began in January.


Speaking of Conor Murphy's solo work, listen to the cover of Japanese Breakfast's "The Woman That Loves You" that he did a few years back. Japanese Breakfast soon tours with Slowdive.

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