We included Foxing's 2018 album Nearer My God at #75 on our list of the best albums of the 2010s and #2 on the best punk & emo albums of the 2010s, so needless to say, we are highly anticipating their fourth album, which is getting worked on as we speak:

As they wrote above, they're planning to road test some of the new songs on their May tour with Bent Knee, which seems to still be on for now, but with coronavirus cancelling tours and shutting down venues left and right, its fate remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Foxing guitarist/backing vocalist/producer Eric Hudson and frontman Conor Murphy are both offering lessons over Skype to help make up for lost income during this crisis, and Conor is also offering personal Skype acoustic shows.

Eric writes, "Hey everyone, I’m gunna be offering myself up to guitar/songwriting lessons as well as general music consulting (the business of it) via Skype to supplement lost income. If you’d like to further your knowledge while supporting me hit me up in the DMs. This can also include audio and production based lessons."

Conor then added, "Y’all! I’m going to give some Skype lessons to supplement income. Teaching lyric and song writing, audio production, music industry guidance and also how to Dungeon Master D&D. Could make fun quarantine! DM ME. For lessons in guitar playing, theory and more, pls DM [Eric]."

A fan replied to Conor, "I don’t need lessons but would gladly pay for a Skype set of acoustic songs. I bet a lot of us would," to which he said: "I’ll also do this. DM me for a personal Skype acoustic show."

See their tweets and watch their recent Tiny Desk Concert below...

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