Minneapolis artist and musician Frances Priya Anczarski signed to 37d03d and announced a new album as FPA, Princess Wiko, due out November 5 via her new label home. "Princess Wiko is the story of a young woman of noble birth forced to betray her heart, and marry a man she hardly knows, all the while going down the slow path of self discovery,” Anczarski says. "My hope is that this record makes people feel something. And maybe, in some way, relate to the Princess of Wiko as more than just a fictional character." See the cover art and tracklist below.

The first single is "Baby," a slinky, sultry track, heavy with mood and atmosphere. You can watch the accompanying video, shot by Anczarski and edited by Alan De Leon Taverna, below.

FPA Princess Wiko
photo by Alan De Leon Taverna

1. Spring, Pt.I
2. Baby
3. The Loved One
4. Untitled
5. Blumenau
6. Spring, Pt.II
7. Last to Bloom
8. Princess Wiko

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