Minneapolis artist and musician Frances Priya Anczarski released her new album as FPA, Princess Wiko, in November via 37d03d. Described by FPA as "the story of a young woman of noble birth forced to betray her heart, and marry a man she hardly knows, all the while going down the slow path of self discovery," it's a gorgeous album, full of lush soul and accented with electronic touches, and you can stream it in full below.

FPA told us about the influences behind Princess Wiko, which include the music of Max Richter, the literature of Jane Austen, the seasons, and more. Read her list, complete with commentary, below.

There's also a new video for album track "Last to Bloom," a moody, candle-lit visual directed by Brendan Lauer and Ariana Bailey, which premieres in this post. "'Last to Bloom' is the final chapter of our story," FPA says. "It's about self-actualisation during what seems to be the end of the world. The rebirth of Princess Wiko has come, but nobody is left to witness, and nothing surrounds her but death and ash. ‘The leaves are all but wilted all but gone.’” Watch the video below.


I. Paris
Living in this city for a while led me to meeting some of my most beloved friends whom I learned a lot from. Most were DJs and musicians, some still students at the time. I miss them all so much.

II. Jane Austen
I like her books, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite. I also like the movie adaptation with Keira Knightly.

III. Max Richter
I’ve been a fan of his music for so long and truly love almost everything he puts out.

IV. Cinema Paradiso
Love this film and the soundtrack is amazing. I love Morricone. I think my favorite off this one is the "Love Theme," which was actually written by his son Andrea I think.

V. Andrew Broder
He added a lot to the record and is my friend.

VI. Solitude
It helps not listening to too many other things, makes following a thread easier.

VII. Stories
Short, long, novels, whatever form they come in. It's too hard for me to choose one in particular because I don’t know that any one of them specifically influenced the album. Rather all of them, the idea of them.

VII. Alcoholic beverages and such
Influenced my mental faculties at certain points I would say.

VIII. Fall (Summer, too)
"Last to Bloom" was written when I was sitting outside, watching one of the trees by my alley. It's a beautiful time of year.

IX. Winter
Winter because it's cold and depressing, conductive to writing I would say.

X. Spring
Spring because it shares the name and spirit of another track on the album.

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