Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison was reported missing earlier this week, and today the tragic news was reported that his body was found. Tributes from fellow musicians and artists are already pouring in.

Frank Turner posted the picture above and wrote, "What a life. What a shining, beautiful life. I remember Scott giving great Scottish hugs, cracking jokes, apologising for being drunk, always being kind. He lit up the sky with his voice, his songs, his heart, and I will forever be in awe of his genius. He was the kind of guy who, if he came up in conversation, people would talk over each other, in a hurry to say how wonderful he was. He was my friend and today I am heartbroken. Talk to someone, don’t try to keep it all inside."

Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian tweeted, "Tragic news about Scott Hutchison. The whole music community in Scotland was praying for a different outcome. Folks, if you are up against it, having dark thoughts, please tell someone, family, a friend or a doctor. There is always another way, though it might not seem like it."

Aaron Dessner of The National wrote "Devastated Scott is gone. My heart goes out to his family and bandmates. A dear soul and a brilliant songwriter. RIP #scotthutchison" and "Everyone listen to Scott’s songs today — he navigated the depths of despair with such power, beauty and poetry. RIP #scotthutchison." and "Will always raise a glass to you ...way into the night and beyond the grave Scott. RIP." He added on Instagram, "Will have a hard time thinking about anything for a while but this beautiful man and the songs he leaves behind....songs which explore the depths of human despair with such poetry. I hope they ultimately shine a brighter light on mental issues and how precious, fragile and ephemeral life is." Aaron's bandmate/brother Bryce Dessner also tweeted "Devastated by the loss of Scott Hutchison who gave so much with his beautiful music. Sending love to our friends in @FRabbits."

Kevin Devine quoted a tribute on The Guardian that reads “(Scott’s) music touched his fans because he was fundamentally kind and honest (&) humbly extended a hand of solidarity w/ a wry smile and an open heart," and added "I am grateful and heartbroken to confirm that to be equally true outside of Scott’s songs, as well. Scott was a warm, bright light, generous, thoughtful, sharp, funny, genuinely curious & giving in friendship. He was good, and he was good. We were going to announce a split release this week, something he eagerly stepped in to be part of, to help me navigate some changed plans & unexpected circumstances. He was like that. He cared. And obviously, we all do too. Nothing smart to say, No neat bow. Just more love & sadness on the pile.

Thank you, Scott.
All and only love to you,
Your family,
Your band,
Your friends,
Your audience."

Here are more tweets from Alex Kapranos (of Franz Ferdinand), Stuart Braithwaite (of Mogwai), Snow Patrol, Sarah Silverman, Rob Taylor (of Los Campesinos), alt-J, Geoff Rickly (of Thursday), We Were Promised Jetpacks, Julien Baker, Craig Finn (of The Hold Steady), and more:

Dave Hause posted this thread which is very worth opening and reading in full:


Watch Scott Hutchison cover The National's "Mistaken For Strangers" in 2016 and watch Frightened Rabbit join The National on stage for "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" in 2013:

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