Flem Fest

Flemington, NJ will play a host to a cool indie rock festival, Flem Fest, on August 15 & 16 at The Stangl Factory and Flemington DIY. The lineup includes a Saturday night show with Frankie Cosmos, Radiator Hospital, Timeshares, Palehound, Free Cake For Every Creature and Facility; and other bands playing the fest throughout the weekend include Quarterbacks, Casual, Oso Oso, Long Beard, Fraternal Twin and more. You can get tickets for just the Saturday night show or a weekend pass.

Stangl Factory is located at 50 Stangl Rd and Flemington DIY is at 90 Main. If you're coming from NYC, it's only about an hour by car. Full lineup below...


SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW (Stangl Factory, starts at 6 PM)
Frankie Cosmos (NY)
Radiator Hospital (Philadelphia)
Timeshares (Philadelphia)
Palehound (MA)
Free Cake for Every Creature (Philadelphia)
Facility (NJ)

SATURDAY DAY SHOW (90 Main St., starts at 1 PM)
The Headies (DE)
Thee Creeps (NJ)
Death Vacation (NY/NJ)
Loose Tooth (Philadelphia)
Gifthorse (NJ/PA)
Therapy Dog (NJ)

SUNDAY SHOW (90 Main St., starts at 1 PM)
Quarterbacks (NY)
Casual (NJ)
Oso Oso (NY)
Long Beard (NJ)
Save Ends (MA)
John Wayne's Teeth (NJ)
Wild Rice (NJ)
Bobby's Oar (WA)
Fraternal Twin (NY)
Rita Fishbone (NJ)
Shannen Moser (PA)
Teenage Halloween (NJ)

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