by Bill Pearis


Franz Ferdinand and Sparks have details on their collaborative FFS album. That self-titled LP (cover art above) will be out June 9 via Domino and you can check out the tracklist below. (Preorders are available.) While the LP's official single will be released later this month, FFS have shared "Piss Off," which sounds pretty much like what you'd expect, with Sparks' cheeky theatricality and Franz Ferdinand's oomph. They work well together and you can stream it below.


FFS - S/T tracklist:
01 Johnny Delusional
02 Call Girl
03 Dictator's Son
04 Little Guy From The Suburbs
05 Police Encounters
06 Save Me From Myself
07 So Desu Ne
08 The Man Without A Tan
09 Thing I Won't Get
10 The Power Couple
11 Collaborations Don't Work
12 Piss Off