Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson, who has been with the Scottish indie vets since their start in 2002, has left the band. "It was a bit of a shocker for us when we found out, so it probably will be for some of you too," Franz Ferdinand wrote on Twitter. "Paul has been our friend for over twenty five years & we’re looking forward to at least another twenty five. He’s a funny, smart, sensitive guy. Not a bad drummer either. You don’t spend 20 years touring the world with someone without them becoming like family and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. We're glad we shared those adventures and experiences together and look forward to hearing what he gets up to next."

The band have also announced Thomson's replacement, Audrey Tait who is one half of The Girl Who Cried Wolf. "After having played with Paul for so long, it’s obvious that not just anyone could sit behind the kit in FF, so we’re happy to say that one of the other best drummers in the world is joining us," the band continued. "Many of you in Glasgow will already know what an incredible musician Audrey Tait is and we’re thrilled to have her join us. It feels totally natural playing with her and she’s a great laugh." The band shared a passing-of-the-drumsticks photo along with the announcement.

Paul wrote, "After nearly 20 years the time has come for this boy to step aside. I never imagined in 2002 that life would have all of this in store. It's been like a dream and I'm still processing. I want to thank each of you that bought a record, came to a concert and shared all these experiences with me. I will never forget it. Franz Ferdinand was, is, and always will be family and a huge part of me." He finished with a quote from "Dark of the Matinee": "My words and smile are so easy now."

We'll miss ya behind the kit, Paul, but welcome aboard Audrey.

That leaves just frontman Alex Kapranos and bassist Bob Hardy from Franz Ferdinand's original lineup. Singer/guitarist Nick McCarthy left the band in 2016.