This week's episode of IFC's Documentary Now! was the Stop Making Sense parody Final Transmission which filmed the final show from fictional '80s band Test Pattern. For it, Fred Armisen wrote a whole album of Talking Heads-esque songs, and he and the band, which included his Documentary Now! co-star Bill Hader as well as Maya Rudolph and Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster, performed the whole thing in front of a live audience. Rudolph's hubby, Paul Thomas Anderson, also made an appearance as the concert film's director. If you've seen Stop Making Sense, it's clear Fred and crew were pretty spot-on. You can watch a few clips below and check out the whole episode over at You can also watch actual Talking Heads members Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth watching the episode and commenting on it, below.

Additionally, IFC has released a recording of the concert and you can listen to the whole thing below, too.