As you may have heard, Freddie Gibbs recently went on the Bootleg Kev podcast, where a comment he made about Jeezy set off a much-publicized beef with DJ Akademiks, as Highsnobiety sums up:

Things kicked off last week when Gibbs appeared on The Bootleg Kev Podcast and had this to say about Jeezy: “Let’s be real, dawg. Did you listen to his last album? No you f***ing didn’t. He’s a legend but right now, you’re irrelevant.”

Soon after that, on his show, Everyday Struggle Akademiks fired back saying, “if Jeezy is irrelevant, Freddie Gibbs, you are absolutely irrelevant as well […] If Jeezy drop an album right now, he sell 50,000… Relevancy means is your music actually doing anything? And to be honest, other than the few people who f*** with Freddie Gibbs, what relevancy does he have?”

That beef has been dominating the conversation recently, but as Okayplayer points out, Freddie had plenty of other interesting things to say on that podcast too. He talked about his respect for Westside Gunn (who just dropped his second album of 2020, the first of which features Freddie) and the Griselda crew, who have been having an unlikely mainstream rise for their gritty, '90s-style sound, similar to Freddie himself. Freddie also talked about the producers behind his two highly acclaimed recent projects, Bandana (Madlib) and Alfredo (The Alchemist). "Both of these motherfuckers are top echelon producers," he says. "My rapping skill got better from going to rap school with these two guys. They made me a better rapper."

Freddie also said the potential of Kendrick Lamar releasing a new album this year is his "only competition." "I look at him and I be like 'yeah he's sharp,' you know what I mean? I wanna just be sharp like that. He's one of the only n****s that I look at like that. Him and Black Thought. I damn near don't like doing songs with Black Thought."

Kev then asks Freddie to name the top five best rappers in the game right now, and Freddie says Kendrick, Pusha T, Drake, and Black Thought (and himself), and then Kev adds Killer Mike and Benny the Butcher as runner-ups and Freddie quickly agrees.

Freddie also talked about rappers that collaborate with 6ix9ine and much more on the hour-and-35-minute episode. You can watch the full thing and some highlight clips below.

Recently, Eminem, Ludacris, Drake, Meek Mill, and T.I. all offered up lists of top rappers.

In related news, Black Thought announced a new EP featuring Pusha T, Killer Mike, and more.


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