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What is Channel 101?

Every month, five-minute TV shows are screened for a live audience in New York City. The audience votes to renew some shows and cancel others.

The top five shows become the new "prime time" lineup; losing shows are banished forever.

The next month, prime time shows return with new episodes, pitted against each other and a crop of fresh new pilots.

At Channel 101, your entertainment destiny is in your hands. If you like a show, nurture it with your votes and it will bloom into a series. If you don't like a show, it goes away. Wouldn't it be great if "real" television worked this way?

The monthly screenings happen the first Monday of every month at Pianos. They are the reason we aren't starting Rock n ROFL until 9pm tonight.... make that a bit after 9:00 (May 5, 2008). Their first screening starts at 7:00. Their second screening starts at 8:30 tonight (which I didn't know when we started planning). The screening runs "less than an hour" though, and they'll already have the chairs set up so we can go right into the comedy hour with our host Max Silvestri. The even better news is that you can ALSO come for the screenings, AND that we'll have $2.00 Svedka vodka drinks. So, tonight now looks something like this:

Rock n ROFL

tonight - May 5, 2008 @ Pianos
8:30 - free Channel 101 screening
9:?? - Greg Johnson & 4 other comedy acts (including the Perfect Storm) (ROFL)
10:?? - The War on Drugs (rock)
11:?? - The Acorn (rock again)

First person to email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: rofl) right now (include your first and last name) will win a pair of tickets to the show. $10 tickets will be available at the door. $2.00 vodka drinks. See you there.

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