Archie BellArchie Bell

just interviewed Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls for an upcoming BrooklynVegan feature. We don't have time to transcribe the whole interview before tonight's free Dolls show at the Seaport, but here's an excerpt that ends up being a preview of Sunday's free McCarren Pool show as well....

Sylvain Sylvain j: You know who's playing a free show Sunday?

Syl: Who?

Syl: Aw, you're kidding me! Where?!

j: McCarren Park Pool

Syl: What-what pool?

j: McCarren Park Pool up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Syl: Greenpoint... McCarren Park... Archie Bell & the Drells?

j: Well, he's being backed by a group called 'The Dansettes,'
but it's Archie Bell of the Drells..

Syl: My God...

j: The Mighty Hannibal's there, also...

Syl: Wow, thanks for the tip, man. I'm going to tell David, he's going to flip. You know why, because I've been telling David we should do "Showdown." 'Cause we used to do an Archie Bell song, "(There's Going to Be a) Showdown." And every now and then somebody comes up to me and says, "Man, do 'Showdown!'" and I say, "Tell David that." Anyway, thanks for the tip, and I hope I'll see you [at the Seaport] tonight.