Nashville emo band Free Throw will follow 2019's What's Past Is Prologue with their fourth album, Piecing It Together, on June 25 via Triple Crown (pre-order). The album was produced by Will Yip, and like a lot of recent music, the songwriting process was inseparable from the effects of the pandemic. "In normal times, it's very hard for a band like us to feel as if we have the freedom to take time off," says drummer Kevin Garcia. "We’d go home to write and record, then we go on tour. Rinse and repeat. When we got into this writing process, we stopped feeling like we existed in a mold or on a path that we were supposed to keep going on with our contemporaries. We stopped worrying about what tour we may be fighting for next or what some other band was doing. We were just in a vacuum, writing songs for our own enjoyment."

The lead single is opening track "Cloud Sick," which continues the progression that Free Throw made on their previous album. It's an impassioned, emotive song that connects the dots between noodly '90s Midwest emo, anthemic 2000s post-hardcore, and the fresh new perspective of the genre's current wave. "Cloud Sick’ is a song about trying to make sure the person you are with is happy," vocalist/guitarist Cory Castro says. "Sometimes situations make the strain of a relationship even harder. The song really touches on personal insecurities and worries that your significant other may give up on the relationship."

The song comes with a Benjamin Lieber-directed video that was filmed at various Nashville venues, including Mickey’s Tavern, The End, The Basement East, and Exit/In, and they're using the video as a way to promote the "Preserve Exit/In!" campaign on GoFundMe. Just as the band were putting the finishing touches on the video, the news broke that the iconic, 50-year-old venue is in trouble and this campaign is a last ditch effort to stop the venue from being sold. Hayley Williams, Margo Price, and other Nashville musicians have been helping to raise money for the club as well.

"We’ve asked [hotel-development group] AJ Capital to sell it to us, and basically flip it," Exit/In operator Chris Cobb told Rolling Stone. "And we want to be able to make the most compelling offer that we possibly can. We still have Grubbs’ backing, so we can pay [AJ Capital] as much as they paid for it without another penny, but we want to scrape together as many pennies as possible. And people just kept asking to help, so we wanted to be able to let people give if they want to."

Donate to the Exit/In campaign here and check out the new Free Throw song/video, album art, and tracklist below...

Free Throw

1. Cloud Sick
2. Worry Seed
3. The Grass Isn't Greener
4. Down & Out
5. Ocular Pat Down
6. Second Wind
7. Force of Will
8. Dormancy
9. Trust Fall
10. Ghost in the Routine
11. Equilibrium
12. Dawn of a New Day

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