Nashville emo band Free Throw have shared "Down & Out," the second single off their anticipated Will Yip-produced album Piecing It Together, and the Michael Herrick-directed video takes place in the same universe as the "Cloud Sick" video and continues the story that began in that video. It begins with the band popping in the VHS tape from the "Cloud Sick" video, which then takes us to Free Throw performing around a bonfire in the middle of the woods.

"This video was a chance for us to offer a different perspective from the ‘Cloud Sick’ video, first by including performance elements but also an entirely different landscape of our home," vocalist Cory Castro says. "While the video for the first single showcases our favorite bars, venues, and landmarks around Nashville, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the beautiful open spaces just outside the city that have also been so important to us as a band."

"This was also a new project for us stylistically," Cory continues, "as the bulk of the video was a continuous shot that we only got to attempt two times. It was stressful, chaotic, and a ton of fun—probably the most Free Throw a music video shoot could be."

The song "Down & Out" is a little more of a jangly, breezy emo song compared to the punchy, anthemic "Cloud Sick" (some hints of The Early November's ballad-driven side in there), and Cory says it's "a song about the in-between of depression and recovery—that point where it’s hard to get out of bed but you know you are working your way towards it."

Check out the new song and video below. Piecing It Together arrives June 25 via Triple Crown and you can pre-order the album from Grimey's Nashville to get a signed copy.


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