Freelance Whales @ Other Music - Apr 12, 2010 (Joe Madonna)
Freelance Whales

Freelance Whales follow up their two NYC performances earlier this week with another in-store this Saturday, April 17th at Vintage Vinyl in NJ (not to be confused with Vintage Vinyl in MO) in honor of Record Store Day. Joining them at the store will be Peter Bradley Adams, Care Bears on Fire, and lots of limited vinyl.

Freelance Whales' last in-store was at Other Music where you'll find live shows and exclusive vinyl this Saturday too. Video from that show, and Vintage Vinyl's RSD schedule, below...

Freelance Whales at Other Music, 4/12/2010


Artist: Freelance Whales
Time: 12PM

Artist: Peter Bradley Adams
Time: 1PM

WRXP Presents...
Time: 1:30PM - 3PM
* Dirty Pearls
* Matt Witte
* The Reveling
* Sarah Solovay
* Christina LaRocca
* The Seconds
* Akiva
* A Million Years

Artist: Care Bears On Fire
Time: 4:30PM