Fléau is a new Oi!/street punk band from France, and they're gearing up to release their self-titled debut EP on March 19 via Red Scare, Pressure (France) and Contra Records (Germany) (pre-order). To give you an idea of what to expect, Red Scare writes:

Fléau means SCOURGE in French and we could probably just leave it at that. The latest/wildest addition to the Red Scare pantheon comes from somewhere in France, and these four humans describe themselves as a, “Band of mercenaries”. All their songs are about battle and they wear Medieval helms when they play. At first we laughed nervously and thought it was all a gag, but this music is hardcore Oi! that’ll give you nightmares. Think of bands like The Templars, Rixe, Blitz, Noi!se, Lion’s Law, etc. This debut 4-song EP will definitely turn some heads in the Streetpunk world, so get on their good side before they invade the scene.

Singer Simon adds this about the band: "Brutal music, French lyrics about middle age. Soon in your villages to smash your faces, burn your churches, put your idols to the ground."

We're premiering the new (French) lyric video for "Affliction," which Simon calls "a resume of how Fleau see the world: hatred, avidity, and death." The video features scenes from the 1960 Polish movie Krzyżacy. Check it out, and stream another track from the EP below.

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