UK band Fresh will release their new LP Raise Hell on July 1 via Get Better/Specialist Subject. The album includes their great 2021 single "Morgan & Joanne," as well as the just-released "Babyface," which tones down the band's usual indie-punk in favor of slower, harmony-laden, synth-infused indie pop. "It’s a song about having a mind that’s both overstimulated and under-stimulated at the same time," singer Kathryn Woods (also of ME REX and Cheerbleederz) says. "The light, airy synths make it a cry for help masquerading as a pop song."

1. Our Love
2. Morgan & Joanne
3. Babyface
4. Going to Bed
5. Sleepover
6. Fuck Up
7. Deer in the Headlights
8. Pls Don't Cry
9. We All Know (Blondie)
10. I Know I'm Just a Phase to You
11. Why Do I

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