Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison has been reported missing. He tweeted "Be so good to everyone you love. It’s not a given. I’m so annoyed that it’s not. I didn’t live by that standard and it kills me. Please, hug your loved ones." on May 8 at 10:50 PM (Scotland time), followed by "I'm away now. Thanks." on May 8 at 11:09 PM, and this morning, the band tweeted, "We are worried about Scott, who has been missing for a little while now. He may be in a fragile state and may not be making the best decisions for himself right now. Please could Scott or anyone with any information on his whereabouts please contact Police Scotland (101)."

According to The Scotsman, Edinburgh Police are appealing for information to help trace him. "Inquiries have established that he had visited the Dakota Hotel in South Queensferry, before leaving the accommodation at around 1am on Wednesday 9th May," the article reads. His whereabouts since then remain unknown.

Edinburgh Inspector Graeme Dignan said, "We are keen to locate Scott as soon as possible to ensure he is safe and well and would urge anyone who can assist with our ongoing inquiries to come forward."

Update: On Wednesday afternoon, Scott's brother/Frightened Rabbit bandmate Grant posted on Instagram: "Has anyone seen my brother/bandmate/best friend? He’s in a very fragile state and has been missing since last night and we’re all incredibly worried. He was in a hotel in South Queensferry and hasn’t been seen or heard from since 1am. Please repost and share and get in touch with me @grabbit if you have any info. His phone is with the police. If somehow you are reading this Scott then can you just let someone know you are safe please? We love you very much. Grant x"

Update (5/10): Today, the band gave this update: "We have no news to report on Scott’s whereabouts this morning. Your support so far has been incredible and all we ask is you keep him in your thoughts, keep an eye out and keep sharing his picture online. Thanks for everything. Your kindness and positivity is keeping us going G"

The band also retweeted this, which gives a slight update on the search for Scott:

Grant also discussed the situation in this heartbreaking news interview:

Earlier this year, Frightened Rabbit did a 10th anniversary tour for The Midnight Organ Fight. Scott and Grant also released the debut album by their new band, Mastersystem, featuring members of Editors and Minor Victories.