Nashville crust/hardcore vets From Ashes Rise reunited in 2010 and returned in 2012 with the "Rejoice The End" / "Rage of Sanity" 7" on Southern Lord, which was their first new music in nearly a decade. They made a few other live appearances after that, but they've been quiet for a while, though 2019 will be the year they return once again. They were recently announced for the 2019 edition of Netherlands festival Bloodshed Fest, and Southern Lord revealed they've got new music on the way too.

Southern Lord posted an Instagram (see below) with a list of all the bands releasing new music on the label in 2019, and there's From Ashes Rise, listed right below Sunn O))) and Pelican. No other info on what it's gonna be (another 7"? an EP? a full album?) but stay tuned to find out more.

UPDATE: Southern Lord clarified that From Ashes Rise are not releasing new music but putting out remastered reissues of their first two albums, Concrete Steel and Silence. The label notes, "The remastering (done by AUDIOSIEGE of course!) sounds incredible."

Watch a video of one of From Ashes Rise's 2011 reunion shows:

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