The killer Seattle metallic hardcore band Fucked and Bound (who share two members with He Whose Ox Is Gored) recently gave their 2018 album Suffrage and expanded re-release (with a Sonic Youth cover added) and revealed that their next album would be due in 2021. Today they've revealed that the album will come out August 27 via Quiet Panic (US) / Church Road (UK/EU), and they've also revealed that they've changed their band name. They're now called Filth Is Eternal.

"I've always believed that a transformative moment would hit during the lifespan of this outfit, but relegated these notions to the future tense," said vocalist Lisa Mungo. "However, our collective experience over the past twelve plus months made it clear that the moment was presenting itself now."

The album title and tracklist are still TBA, but they did just release the album's lead single, "ZED." The song was recorded and mixed by Robert Cheek (Tera Melos, Tycho, etc) and it features vocal tracking by grunge veteran Tad Doyle. It's a clear departure from the mile-a-minute hardcore of Suffrage, and instead takes the band's sound into murkier, sludgier territory. It rips, and you can hear it below.