Fúcked Up play hardcore music. It's loud, and even they thought it was weird that they were playing it outside in the sun on that Thursday afternoon in Austin....

The show was definitely much less hardcore than they one they played later that week on the pedestrian bridge, but none of their shows were as hardcore as the one where Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks) got up on stage and sang with them.

F'd Up's next NYC show is opening for Art Brut at Studio B in Brooklyn on April 18th. Over the summer they're doing a tour of the U.S. that includes three NYC dates. Those tentative dates below the rest of the pictures...

F'd up - 2007 Tour Dates
Fri JUNE 22 Brooklyn
Sat JUNE 23 Richmond
Sun JUNE 24 Nashville
Mon JUNE 25 New Orleans
Tue JUNE 26 Austin
Wed JUNE 27 Las Cruces
Thu JUNE 28 Phoenix
Fri JUNE 29 Los Angeles
Sat JUNE 30 Berkeley
Sun JULY 01 Tijuana
Mon JULY 02 Long Beach
Tue JULY 03 San Fransisco
Wed JULY 04 Oakland
Thu JULY 05 Portland
Fri JULY 06 Olympia
Sat JULY 07 Vancouver
Sun JULY 08 Calgary
Mon July 09 Regina
Tue July 10 Winnipeg
Wed July 11 Minneapolis
Thur July 12 Chicago
Fri July 13 Des Moines
Sat July 14 Kansas City
Sun July 15 St Louis
Mon July 16 Atlanta
Tue July 17 North Carolina
Wed July 18 Va Beach
Thu July 19 DC
Fri July 20 Philly
Sat July 21 New York
Sun July 22 New York