Fucked Up are gearing up to release their first album in four years and first for Merge, Dose Your Dreams, which is a double album that collaborator Owen Pallet called "their Screamadelica." When they announced the album, they released two songs, "Raise Your Voice Joyce" and "Two I's Closed," the former a fairly standard Fucked Up song but the latter a melodic song channelling '60s psychedelia. Both of those sides are on the new single "Normal People," which has Damian Abraham's usual screams combined with more melodic singing than usual and a backbone that's groovier than Fucked Up's trademark driving sound. The song comes with a video directed by the band's lead guitarist and founder Mike Haliechuk, and you can watch/listen below.

As mentioned, Fucked Up are also touring, including a Brooklyn show on 11/8 at Market Hotel (tickets).

Fucked Up talked to Billboard about the new album, and here's an excerpt:

“We've been a band for long enough, and I came into this one being like, ‘I want to make a definitive Fucked Up record,’” Haliechuk says.

And Abraham thinks his bandmate (and occasional artistic sparring partner) has done just that.

“When I look back at this record I'm like, ‘Thank God I didn't fight him on any of this stuff,’ because this is his opus,” Abraham earnestly affirms. “This is the Fucked Up opus, I think, in a very real way. I can't believe I'm saying all this nice stuff about him, because we don't get along this well.” With that much enthusiasm for the band's latest, Abraham is no longer feeling “done” with Fucked Up. “It sounds corny to say ‘rebirth,’ but [this feels] almost like a second act. I feel like my role in the band has changed now.”

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