Last year, contemporary classical ensemble s t a r g a z e released Instruments, an abstract orchestral reimagining of Fugazi‘s 1993 album In on the Kill Taker, with arrangements by Deerhoof‘s Greg Saunier. It was a 2019 Record Store Day exclusive release and is now out of print, but they’ve just released a video album accompaniment. The video also works as a pandemic lockdown diary, with all the musicians involved filming themselves over the last few months, with footage from all over the world.

You can watch the video album, and listen to Fugazi’s original, below.

You may remember s t a r g a z e made an album with Polica in 2017 and an album with Lisa Hanigan in 2019.

Deerhoof released new album Future Teenage Cave Artists back in May.

If you want some actual Fugazi, watch this full-show video from 1999 that was recently uploaded. Plus, you can get bass lessons from the band’s Joe Lally.

Secret Fun Club covered In on the Killtaker‘s “Sweet and Low” this year, too.

stargaze & Greg Saunier – Instruments – a recomposition of Fugazi’s In On The Killtaker

“Sweet and Low” – video by Maaike van der Linde
“Facet Squared” – video by Thora Sveinsdottir
“Cassavetes” – video by Ausiàs Garrigós Morant
“23 Beats Off” – video by Alistair Sung
“Public Witness Programme” – video by Marlies van Gangelen
“Smallpox Champion” – video by Ramon Lormans
“Great Cop” – video by Mayah Kadish
“Rend It” – video by André de Ridder
“Returning The Screw” – video by Liam Byrne
“Instrument” – video by Romain Bly and Latisha Sparks
“Last Chance For A Slow Dance” – video by Aart Strootman
“Walken’s Syndrome” – video by Dries Alkemade and Merle Scheske

Mayah Kadish (violin solo)
Thora Sveinsdottir (viola ensemble)
Alistair Sung (cello solo and ensemble)
Liam Byrne (viola da gamba solo)
Fredrick Hildebrand (viola da gamba ensemble)
Ramon Lormans (glockenspiel solo and ensemble)
Aart Strootman (guitar solo and ensemble)
Maaike van der Linde (bassflute solo and ensemble)
Marlies van Gangelen (oboe solo and ensemble)
Arno Rockler (bass clarinet ensemble)
Ausiàs Garrigós Morant (bass clarinet solo)
Romain Bly (horn solo and ensemble)