Fugitive--the new band of Power Trip guitarist Blake Ibanez, Skourge vocalist Seth Gilmore, and members of Creeping Death, Impalers, and more--have just announced their NYC debut, opening for local crossover thrash greats Ekulu on February 25 at Saint Vitus. Infandus are on the bill too, and tickets are on sale now.

Fugitive put out one of our favorite metal releases of 2022 with their debut EP Maniac on 20 Buck Spin, and they hopefully/potentially have more new music on the way too. Other upcoming shows include LDB Fest, This Is Austin, Not That Great, and the Hell's Heroes pre-show.

Ekulu put out their debut LP Unscrew My Head in 2021, and they were great when we caught them opening for Turnstile last year. Ekulu also open Candy's sold-out TV Eye show on 2/10 with L.O.T.I.O.N. and Fleshwater.

Meanwhile, there's also talk of a new Power Trip album with a new vocalist in place of the late Riley Gale.


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