"Boutique" music festival Full Moon Fest returned to Governors Island yesterday (7/8) with an eclectic lineup including Vic Mensa, Kelela, Connan Mockasin, Abra, TOPS, Awesome Tapes From Africa, and others. The festival, which has previously been held on Governors Island beach, and for a year at Brooklyn Mirage, was relocated from the beachfront to the field of Governors Island's Play Lawn, next to The Hills. The new location provided lots of space and views of the State of Liberty and city skyline, but was separated from direct access to the water by construction work. Still, the new space had multiple food stands (where, among other things, you could get rainbow lattes, kombucha, and fruit), shade tents, and two dedicated dance areas aside from the main stage; the domed second stage under a disco ball, and another on the sand of a baseball diamond. Pictures of yesterday's festival are in the gallery above.

Festivals on islands come with transportation challenges, and Full Moon's were compounded by a delayed opening. A few attendees took to Facebook to complain about the wait to get in without water or shade.

An hour and a half after it was supposed to open, still no updates. No water. 80+ degrees and no shade. Way to fail at life, my loves.

There is no information. It's still closed and looks like it is still under construction. This is like Frye Fest 2.0. I want my money back.

While a comparison to the disaster of Fyre Festival seems facetious, you may remember that organizers Matte Project also did advertising for Fyre.


most photos by Amanda Hatfield

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