Brooklyn's Future Punx are back with a new EP, titled The World is a Mess, that will be out March 1 via Modern Sky USA. While the band began as a bit more lighthearted, shiny and bright, the current state of things has seeped in this time.  "These songs were written in response to the state of the world and our current political reality," says singer/bassist Chris Pickering. "It’s very current events oriented whereas everything we’ve done before was futurist sci-fi. Shit got so real and fucked up in the last couple of years that we can’t even imagine a utopian future any more." One thing that hasn't changed is their sonic modus operandi: very catchy synthpop, indebted to '80s groups like Devo, Missing Persons and Wall of Voodoo. The first single off the record is "Want to Be Wanted" which premieres in this post -- listen to that below.

You can preorder The World is a Mess via Modern Sky, and there's a limited edition color vinyl pressing out via Dull Tools.

Future Punx have a couple upcoming NYC shows: tonight (1/17) at Berlin with Straw Pipes and Godcaster (tickets); and an EP release show at Alphaville on March 9 with Bodega (tickets)



1. Want To Be Wanted
2. Do It Again
3. Society Implies
4. F Boys
5. Debunk Yourself
6. The World's A Mess; It's In My Kiss

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