Future Teens have shared "Team Sports" off their upcoming album Self Help (due 9/23 via Triple Crown), and this one features The Wonder Years vocalist Dan Campbell. Vocalist/guitarist Amy Hoffman says:

The first time I bleached my hair, a surprising number of people asked if I was doing okay. I know they were just razzing me, but it struck me as such an absurd barometer for wellness, like, no! I’m not okay, but that’s not why I’m blonde now! I think it’ll always be challenging to ask for help, or to be honest when my best friend gently checks in about the motivation for my latest self haircut, but I’m grateful I’m not always white knuckling it until my next therapy session anymore.

[...] That last chorus was originally a wordless, rock out ending, but [producer] Andy [D. Park] felt like there was something missing. Dan happened to visit us as we were working through it and was kind enough to sing on that section. All of our jaws hit the floor as soon as he started, it was such a memorable part of recording the album.

It's a great, catchy song, and Dan Campbell's trademark wail fits that last chorus perfectly. Check it out below.

Future Teens also have an upcoming tour with Camp Trash and Rat Tally that hits Brooklyn on October 13 at The Meadows. All dates (including New Haven, Asbury Park, and more) are listed below.

The Wonder Years' new album The Hum Goes On Forever also arrives on September 23, and they've got a tour coming up too.

Future Teens / Camp Trash / Rat Tally -- 2022 Tour Dates
Oct. 13 - Brooklyn, NY - The Meadows
Oct. 14 - New Haven, CT - State House
Oct. 15 - Asbury Park, NJ - The Saint
Oct. 18 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Roboto Project
Oct. 19 - Columbus, OH - Big Room Bar
Oct. 20 - Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
Oct. 21 - Detroit, MI - Sanctuary
Oct. 22 - Indianapolis, IN - Healer DIY
Oct. 23 - Cleveland, OH - The Foundry

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