FYF Fest happens this coming weekend in LA, and set times are now announced! Click the link to check 'em out.


Conflicts on Saturday aren't too bad. Alex G overlapping with Hop Along a bit is not great. Vince Stapes vs Head Wound City kind of sucks, as does Shellac vs Grimes actually. Ty Segall vs Air, damn. Hot Chip fans curious to know if Sheer Mag lives up to the hype have a tough choice to make, or may just never find out, and I won't be happy about leaving Hot Chip early, but I'll want to see as much of Wolf Parade as possible. I mean I'll want to see all of Wolf Parade, but... Kendrick. And I guess I'm not seeing Explosions in the Sky this time around... Kendrick.


It's a bummer that Julien Baker is up against Preoccupations (fka Viet Cong) on Sunday (sorry, Preoccupations), and that Julia Holter is up against Wild Nothing on that same day (sorry, Wild Nothing). Really curious to see Paul Banks & Steelz (RZA), but might be more curious to see all of the Blood Orange set. Gold Panda has got to be kind of pissed he's up against Anohni AND Grace Jones. Beach House vs Young Thug is not a choice I wish I had to make, but LCD Soundsystem vs Chelsea Wolfe vs Rae Sremmurd is actually the most painful of all (might have to go with all of the much rarer and bigger LCD set, but then run to catch the very end of Chelsea's set before going home).


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