South Central rapper recently followed his excellent 2017 album All Blue (and the album with his group G-Worthy) with the incisive, political new song "Amerikkka" and promised a "major announcement" would be coming in the near future. That announcement is now here. Before the year ends, G Percio will drop yet another album on us, 2 Tha Left, due out December 8 via So Way Out/Priority Records. Along with the announcement comes a second single, "Affiliated," and its video. This one's got a sinister, piano-led backdrop, more ominous than the G-Funk revival of All Blue. It's instantly great in its own way -- check it out below.

The new album has guests Curren$y, Mozzy, Nef the Pharaoh, and more, plus production from his G-Worthy groupmate Cardo, Westside Webb, and others. See the tracklist below. That's the artwork above.

1. Tha Intro - Produced by V-12
2. Affiliated - Produced by Cardo & Polyester
3. Go (feat. Bino Rideaux) - Produced by Westside Webb
4. Everybody - Produced by Poly Boy
5. Other Side (feat. Nef The Pharaoh) - Produced by Westside Webb
6. What Up Cuz (feat. TeeCee4800 & AD) - Produced by Westside Webb
7. World On Wheels [Interlude] - Produced by Polyester
8. I Love Thots - Produced by Dupri & Lee On The Beat
9. Fly Around (feat. Polyester & Ray Wright) - Produced by Poly Boy
10. Whats Real (feat. Mozzy) - Produced by Poly Boy
11. Send Her Home (feat. Curren$y) - Produced by Polyester
12. Amerikkka - Produced by Dupri
13. One Two - Produced by Cypress Moreno
14. Mind Yours - Produced by Kacey Khalil
15. Tha Outro - Produced by V-12