Last year, Chicago band Ganser released the terrific Just Look at That Sky, which was produced by Electrelane's Mia Clarke and delivered taut, energetic and tuneful post-punk inspired by everyone from Sonic Youth to Throwing Muses and Gang of Four. They've now released a new EP, Look At The Sun, that hands over tracks to Bartees Strange, GLOCK (aka Ride's Andy Bell), Sad13 (Sadie Dupuis), Algiers, and Girl Band's Adam Faulkner to remix and rework.

“I feel like there’s a group of us that released any kind of art project in 2020, we were all on Twitter wondering what the hell was going on, doomscrolling," says Ganser's Alicia Gaines. "We were all reacting to everything that was happening in real time, it felt like a surreal limbo. In a way, it was very vintage internet, commiserating with folks we’ve never met in person yet. The idea of getting back into the world, finally meeting Sadie and Bartees, it’s something to look forward to.”

The remixes are all pretty excellent, with each artist putting their own particular spin on the tracks. For example, GLOK take the gothy closing track "Bags for Life" and transform it into a gleaming, proggy synthscape, while Algiers take the angular "Told You So" and turn it into a widescreen post-punk banger. Listen to the whole thing below.

Look at the Sun is out digitally today for Bandcamp Friday and there are versions that come with limited edition art prints or a Ganser pin.

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