Worcester, MA garage psych cult heroes The Prefab Messiahs initially just existed from 1981 to 1983, but their material was rediscovered in the internet era and cited as influential on today's garage psych scene, prompting the band to return for live shows and new music in the early 2010s. The band are now set to release another new album, Music For Concerned Citizens, on July 9 via independent release (preorder it on Bandcamp), and we're premiering lead single "Bubble" and its trippy animated video. The song pays homage to Bowie's "Rebel Rebel," but in a totally bonkers, psychedelic way, and the video is also filled with references to the Thin White Duke.

Vocalist/guitarist Xerox Feinberg says, "'Bubble' came together as a virtual project (naturally) in the middle of the past year’s Great Lockdown. It’s our direct comment on the isolation and disconnect that’s taken over in so many ways…. physically, politically, media-wise. We’re all bubble people now. Is the street you live on more real than some steam punk vampire series you just binge-watched last night? Do you get your news from a garbage can? Do you really want to go back outside again? Vaccination or not, we’re still living in the Age of the Bubble. Musically, it made sense to have some pounding, repetitive rock noise… and yeah, there’s a weird Bowie-esque echo in the title. Somebody had to do it!"

Check it out:

1. Water Bottle
2. When Things Fall Apart
3. 21st Century Failure
4. Bubble
5. Beautiful Things 2
6. Lonely Astronaut
7. Mellotron
8. Bring on the Robots (Redux)
9. Buddy (Snapper)
10. Beautiful Things 1
11. Pandemic Pam [Hidden Track]