Garbage release their first album in five years, No Gods No Masters, on June 11, and they've unleashed another new single, the propulsive "Wolves." It's accompanied by a mixed media video created by Chilean film director, animator and painter Javi a.k.a. Mi Amor, and you can watch it below.

"This song reminds me of my younger self, when there were two sides to my personality," Shirley Manson says. "I hurt so many people in my life, both knowingly and unknowingly, I’m sure. But when you’re young and in self-survival mode, much like a baby rattlesnake, you have no idea how strong your venom is. But it has the power to kill. You’re just out there having fun. This song is an ode to that idea of: Who are you going to be? Are you going to be a cunt, or are you going to be a good force in the world? This is the pop song off the record."