Yesterday, alt-rock vets Garbage advertised a Planned Parenthood charity shirt, which caused some of their fans to respond with gross comments like " very sad that this band supports the murder of innocent, defenseless human beings. Sorry, but you just lost a fan!" Garbage were not too happy about this, and they have since responded with a public statement saying that if anyone is offended that Garbage defend a woman's right to choose or that they are political, that person should go support another band. Here's the full statement:

Dear Fans and SO CALLED FANS

Please note:
If it offends you that we defend a woman's right to choose........please go support another band. We are not the band for you.

For those of you who think I have no right to speak on behalf of my band.........please go support another band.
If I found myself in a band where I was " not allowed" to express my views......I would no longer be a member of this band.

If it offends you that I am/we are political........please go follow another band. We pay taxes. We not only have a right to be political but we would be morons if we weren't. We are entitled to have an opinion. Just like you are.

If it offends you that we don't agree with everything YOU agree with, go follow another band. You are not our kind of people.

It's been real swell.

Similar stories this year have included Eminem telling Trump fans to not be Eminem fans and Margo Price saying "If we want to keep celebrities and politicians separate, then we shouldn’t elect a reality TV star as the president."

Garbage released the very good new single "No Horses" this year and recently wrapped up a tour with Blondie. Watch the "No Horses" video below.