New Jersey's jammy Garcia Peoples have announced new album Nightcap at Wits' End which will be out October 9 via Beyond Beyond is Beyond. While the new album does not have a single song as epic as One Step Behind's 30-minute title track, the second side of Nightcap is an ambitious, interconnected song-cycle where one flows into the next.

That all leads off with the groovy and rocking first single, "One at a Time," which the band's Derek Spaldo says "is about the push and pull process of overcoming patterns of fear-based thinking and societal conditioning." He adds, "When I'm at my wits' end, I try to slow down and self-soothe to return to a place of centeredness. Musically, the song has a similar simmering potency that builds to an eruption, then goes down, and back up again. These dynamics are like going through dark periods in life, and then having illuminating eureka moments of awareness, power, and hope."

We've got the premiere of the "One at a Time" video which was directed by Kendra Amalie and features some nice rotoscope animation and other trippy visuals. Watch that below.

garcia peoples nightcap at wits end

Garcia Peoples - A Nightcap at Wits' End
Gliding Through
Wasted Time
Altered Place
Fire Of The Now
Painting A Vision That Carries
One At A Time
(Our Life Could Be Your Van)
Crown Of Thought
(Sound Controls Time)
A Reckoning