Stories for Ways & Means, an art book of original childrens’ stories written by 29 songwriters who paired with contemporary artists to illustrate them, launched a Kickstarter to record an audiobook version. It was successful (and it’s for sale now as a vinyl LP and as softcover, hardcover, and signed books), and the recordings have been making their way to streaming services. Some of them are read by the author: Wolf Parade’s Spencer Krug reads his own story “Right on Rosie,” The Kills’ Alison Mosshart reads her story “Wishing Well Fountain,” Deerhoof’s Satomi Matsuzaki reads her story “Little Hollywood,” Gary Numan reads his story “The Very Tall Tree,” Anna von Hausswolff narrates her story (written with her sister Maria) “The Little Boy and the Glowing Globe,” and Matthew Dear reads his story (written with his wife Jennifer) “Two Bears.” Elsewhere, Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan‘s story “Circus” is read by artist Joe Coleman, Jim James‘ story “Oslo and Plum” is read by Phil LaMarr, Gibby Haynes’ story “The Next Big Thing” is read by Zach Galifianakis, Del the Funky Homosapien‘s story “Watch How You Talk to People” is read by Phil LaMarr, Nick Cave‘s story “The Lonely Giant” is read by actor Andre Royo (Bubbles on The Wire), Frank Black‘s story “Doug and the Bug” is read by Danny DeVito, and Micachu‘s story “How to Escape from a Wasp” is read by King Krule.

Not all of the stories are streaming yet, but some are, and we’ve collected them in a Spotify playlist for you to listen to below, along with some videos of ones that haven’t made it to Spotify yet. You can also see the full list of story authors, artists, and narrators below.

Stories for Ways & Means was put together by record label, publisher and artist management company Waxploitation and its founder Jeff Antebi, and proceeds from its sales go to Room to Read, Pencils of Promise, 826 National, and other non-profits supporting children’s education and schools around the world.

Stories for Ways & Means Table of Contents

“Doug the Bug”
written by Frank Black, illustrated by Kai & Sunny, narrated by Danny DeVito

“The Old Oak Tree”
written by Laura Marling, illustrated by Maria Rivans, narrated by Lauren Lapkus

“Fishing with Music”
written by Amadou Bagayoko, illustrated by Will Barras

“Watch How You Talk to People”
written by Del the Funky Homosapien, illustrated by Ronzo, narrated by Phil LaMarr

“Right on Rosie”
written by Spencer Krug, illustrated by Sepe, narrated by Spencer Krug

“Penelope and the Succulent”
written by John Vanderslice, illustrated by James Jean

“The Next Big Thing”
written by Gibby Haynes, illustrated by Daniel Anum Jasper, narrated by Zach Galifianakis

“The Cliff”
written by Alec Empire, illustrated by Lidia de Pedro, narrated by Alec Empire

“The Girls Running Club”
written by Kathleen Hanna, illustrated by Clare Rojas

“La BaNerita”
written by Devendra Banhart, illustrated by Daniel Mun-Oz “San”, narrated by Lizzo

“Trickster and Warrior”
written by Eugene Hutz, illustrated by Candice Tripp

“The Tiny Trumpet Player from Melody”
written by Manuel “Guajiro” Mirabal, illustrated by Herakut

“Me and Matt’s Golden Husks”
written by Justin Vernon, illustrated by Sage Vaughn, narrated by Nick Offerman

“A Boy Named Tim”
written by Elliphant, illustrated by Carlin Diaz, narrated by Elliphant

“How to Escape from a Wasp”
written by Micachu, illustrated by Kirsty Whiten, narrated by King Krule

“The Lonely Giant”
written by Nick Cave, illustrated by Anthony Lister, narrated by Andre Royo

“Oslo and Plum”
written by Jim James, illustrated by Jacob Escobedo, narrated by Phil LaMarr

“Snow Cap Mountain”
written by Song Yuzhe, illustrated by Asha Zero

“Wishing Well Fountain”
written by Alison Mosshart, illustrated by Dan Baldwin, narrated by Alison Mosshart

“Little Hollywood”
written by Satomi Matsuzaki (Deerhoof), illustrated by Kyotaro, narrated by Satomi Matsuzaki

“The Chickadees of Highway 3”
written by Jason Lytle, illustrated by Heisuke Kitazawa (“PCP”), narrated by Jason Lytle

“Marglytta (Jellyfish)”
written by Örvar Smarason, illustrated by Loa Hjalmtysdottir, narrated by Örvar Smarason

“Death to Boys”
written by Will Oldham, illustrated by Swoon, narrated by Vivian Bang

“Merle is a Fat Orange Cat”
written by Sera Cahoone, illustrated by David Bray, narrated by Sera Cahoone

“The Very Tall Tree”
written by Gary Numan, illustrated by Cinta Vidal, narrated by Gary Numan

“Never Give Up”
written by Earnest Ranglin, illustrated by Dave Kinsey

written by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, illustrated by Joe Coleman, narrated by Joe Coleman

“Two Bears”
written by Matthew and Jennifer Dear, illustrated by Josie Morway, narrated by Matthew Dear

“The Little Boy and the Glowing Globe”
written by Anna and Maria von Hausswolff, illustrated by Alessia Iannetti, narrated by Anna von Hausswolff