Synthpop pioneer Gary Numan is reissuing all his Tubeway Army and solo singles from 1978-1983 as a new 7" box set, due out November 5 via Beggars Arkive. All 15 singles -- including classics like "Cars" and "Are 'Friends' Electric?" come on translucent colored vinyl, and are housed in a snazzy white vinyl wrapped DJ case. It comes with a 64-page book featuring all the original sleeve art, new liner notes, and recording and release info, plus rare archival photos and more.

45X15 - The Singles Collection 1978-1983 is available via Beggars Arkive and Gary Numan's webstore. Check out the tracklist and a few more pictures of the packaging below.

Gary Numan released a new album this year, Intruder, which you can pick up on red vinyl in our shop.

You can catch Gary on tour starting in September.

Gary Numan - 45X15 - The Singles Collection 1978-1983

BEG 05 That’s Too Bad/Oh! Didn’t I Say (Tubeway Army)
BEG 08 Bombers/Blue Eyes/O.D. Receiver (Tubeway Army)

ON BLUE VINYL: 1978-1980
BEG 17 Down In The Park/Do You Need The Service (Tubeway Army)
BEG 18 Are ‘Friends’ Electric/We Are So Fragile (Tubeway Army)
BEG 23 Cars/Asylum
BEG 29 Complex/Bombers
BEG 35 We Are Glass/Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement)
BEG 46 I Die: You Die/Down In The Park
BEG 50 This Wreckage/Photograph

ON GREEN VINYL: 1981-1983
BEG 62 She’s Got Claws/I Sing Rain
BEG 70 Music For Chameleons/Noise Noise
BEG 77 We Take Mystery (To Bed)/The Image Is
BEG 81 White Boys And Heroes/War Games
BEG 95 Warriors/My Car Slides (1)
BEG 101 Sister Surprise/Poetry And Power