LA beatmaker and onetime Brainfeeder artist The Gaslamp Killer (real name William Benjamin Bensussen) has responded to accusations by a woman named Chelsea that he drugged and raped her and her friend in 2013. His statement reads:

I think it's important that I be part of this conversation. Firstly, I want it to be known that I would never hurt or endanger a woman. I would never drug a woman, and I would never put anyone in a situation where they were not in control, or take anything that they weren't offering. Consent is intimate, and has left room for people who were not present to wonder what happened. In this case consent was between three people, in the form of an offer which I accepted. Allegations carry a lot of weight on social media these days, and the bravery of women who expose their stories can create necessray dialogue that leads to real change. But Chelsea's version of this story is not true. I am thankful that I have been contacted by witnesses and my roommates at the time, in support Please know that while I am shocked, I take this all very seriously. It is all so sensitive and needs to be treated with the utmost care and attention.

The Gaslamp Killer was supposed to play the Low End Theory party at Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival tonight (10/13), but that show has been cancelled. BEMF writes:

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival has chosen to cancel the Low End Theory show. This is not the appropriate time to present these artists in light of the allegations that were made last night.

We apologize to our venue partner, Paper Box. As an independent festival we appreciate our independent venue partners and are concerned by the issues a cancellation causes a small business. We encourage everyone to please continue to support this venue.

Throughout the rest of the festival weekend we’ll remain focused on creating great energy and a safe environment for artists and fans alike.

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival endeavors to support music and fans mindfully.

UPDATE: Low End Theory has also officially parted ways with The Gaslamp Killer.

Here is The Gaslamp Killer's tweet:

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