Gatecreeper recently shared the non-album track "Anxiety," which was recorded during the same sessions for their new album, and now the album is finally announced and the first single is here. It's called Deserted and it comes out October 4 via Relapse (pre-order). Gatecreeper co-produced the album with engineer Ryan Bram, and Converge's Kurt Ballou mixed it.

The first single is "Boiled Over," which is a real death metal crusher that's clearly inspired by OSDM greats but goes beyond revival. Speaking about it new song, the band says:

The first song from Deserted we chose to share with the world is "Boiled Over". With this song, we tried to capture the melodic side of Bolt Thrower mixed with the crushing heaviness and groove of bands like Obituary or Crowbar. There is a confident swagger to the song that any fan of heavy music can enjoy.

Gatecreeper also have two upcoming festival appearances. Listen to the new song, and view the tracklist and list of live dates, below.

Puncture Wounds
From The Ashes
Barbaric Pleasure
Sweltering Madness
Boiled Over
In Chains
Absence of Light

Gatecreeper -- 2019 Tour Dates
Aug 30 Tucson, AZ HOCO Fest
Dec 13-14 Santa Ana, CA Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles

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