We were expecting this but it's a bummer to hear all the same.Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Monday (4/20) the cancellation of permits for June events in NYC. "This will probably not surprise you,” he said. "It’s not a happy announcement, but it's one we have to make."

Those events include the Gay Pride March, which, after celebrating World Pride in 2019, would've marked the fiftieth anniversary of NYC's own parade in 2020. The Puerto Rican Day and Celebrate Israel Parades are also off, and we expect to hear official word about the Coney Island Mermaid Parade soon, too. UPDATE: The Mermaid Parade is officially postponed.

"A lot of these events will be postponed," de Blasio said, continuing, "the event organizers, a lot of them, are looking at doing something later in the year and we’re working with them on that. We’re gonna’ miss all three of them in June, but they will be back."

Revisit the 2019 Pride March in the gallery above.

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